Hizi-Hizi Bellydance

Cherri bock

How and When I started Dancing:
I first saw belly dancing in CPT when a friend in high school performed a drum solo at one of our fund raisers in grade 11....I had no idea what she was doing or that she could even do it!!!!! I approached her for lessons and we did "informal" training, just for fun.

I moved up to JHB in 2007 and saw that the art form of belly dancing was everywhere. I then decided to start training professionally to become apart of this amazing culture.


Training Background:
I started my training with Charlotte Blignaut from Jewels of the Nile in 2008.
Later in 2008 I joined Dancers of the Desert and trained with Aviva until 2011.
I briefly trained with Ava from Akasha Raqs at the end of 2011 to beginning of 2012.
I now train with Tarryn Rego from Hizi Hizi Belly Dance.
I have also attended various workshops with Karim Nagi and Bozenka in 2012 in JHB.

I am proficient in the following props:
Fire                                                                   Sword
Veils                                                                  Isis wings
Candle tray                                                        Sagat
Cane                                                                 Fan veils


Performance History (Current & part regular gigs):
I started performing professionally in 2008  at various functions i.e. Corporates, weddings, birthdays etc and restaurants including Ala Turka, Beirut, Mythos, Plaka,Kuzina, Sheikhs Palace, Platia, Parea, Ocean Basket, TSG Fourways.


Performance Highlights:
It was a lovely experience performing in the Belly Dance Showcase featuring international Belly Dance superstarts, Karim Nagi and Bozenka in 2012.


Media appearances (TV, magazines, Newspapers, Online):
Saffron TV, covered an event at Black Orchard and featured Dancers of the Desert.


Apart from Dancing

Studies & Job:
I work as the Executive Assistant at Ernst & Young


Other Skills & Achievements:
Other interests include Aerial Silks.