Hizi-Hizi Bellydance

Pavia Abrosie

How and When I started Dancing:
Ballet: Age 7-10
Modern: Age 5-13
Belly dancing: Age 12-19 (current)


Training Background:
My first inroduction into the world of dance was at the Paula Lopes School of Dance. It is here where I first learned ballet for 3 years. After that, at the same school, I began modern dancing for 8 years. From the age of 12, I belly danced at various schools until 5 years ago, where I started dancing with Tarryn Rego.


Performance History (Current & part regular gigs):
I started performing professionally in 2008  at various functions i.e. Corporates, weddings, birthdays etc and restaurants including Ala Turka, Beirut, Mythos, Plaka,Kuzina, Sheikhs Palace, Platia, Parea, Ocean Basket, TSG Fourways.


Performance Highlights:
• Performed belly dancing in the annual Lusito Land Festival (2014, 2015)
• Performed for numerous restaurants such as including: Parea, Platia Emperors Palace; and various Ocean Basket branches such Centurion and Bright Water Commons.
• Regularly perform for various charity events including: The Lusito Land Festival; the Lebanese Maronite Churches in Woodmead and Aspen Hills and the Hellenic Orthodox Churches in Germiston.


Media appearances (TV, magazines, Newspapers, Online):
Performed on the Horse Racing Channel for Champions day (DSTV) (2015).


Apart from Dancing

Studies & Job:
I am currently studying a degree in biokinetics at the University of Johannesburg and coach netball during netball season.

Other Skills and Achievements:
I was Head of House and prefect during my matric year with full colours in service and dedication. Dance is the hidden language of the soul - Unknown