Hizi-Hizi Bellydance


Welcome to the Home of Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance

Why Hizi-Hizi? The word “Hizzi” means to “Shimmy” in Arabic, which is one of the core movements in Belly Dancing. Tarryn Rego is founder of the "Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance" artists, performers, students & trainers of Belly Dance (Oriental / Middle-Eastern dance / Arabic Dance / Raqs Sharqi / Fusion / Folkloric)

The group was officially formed in 2010 under the name of “Hizi-Hizi” but the members have been performing together for several years. The Group Consists of Tarryn, Julia, Melissa, Pavia and Cassidy, who all have been training with Tarryn for several years.

Tarryn & “Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance Team SA” (who consisted of some of the Hizi-Hizi Belly dance members as well as additional Belly Dance professionals) represented South Africa at the “Montenegro Dance Festival” in April 2013. We are proud to say we won the Belly Dance Category, contributing to the South African team to be the overall Champions of The Montenegro Dance Festival 2013! During the trip the team also performed on Montenegro National TV live talk show representing the Dance Festival.

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