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Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance SA Team that represented South Africa at the Montenegro Dance Festival in April 2013.

We are so proud to announce that the Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance Team SA, after much blood, sweat, pain, tears, stress, hard work, and lots of fun, won the Belly Dance Section at the Montenegro Dance Festival. Thus contributing to the South African Team winning the overall championship cup for the festival, against 12 other countries!

I was approached by the SA team director for the Montenegro Dance Festival, to take my group, The Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance Troupe to partake in the Festival next year, which of course is an opportunity I could not miss.

The Concept of Montenegro Dance Festival is to unite all the people, regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds and colours of skin. The aim is to unite people in their differences. Medals will be given for the first three places in every category of dance. Also, there will be prizes given for best three overall performances, choreographies, and the groups with the best costumes. (www.montenegrodancefestival.com/)

Each of these ladies brought their own personal flavour & energy to the team. I am so honoured to have been able to work with these lovely ladies, representing our Country! And boy was it hard work. We had to raise our own funds in order to partake, hosted a variety of fundraising efforts and welcomed any sponsorships! It cost R25000 per member to participate, that therefore meant we had to raise a total of R225 000. We rehearsed & perfected 25 minutes worth of stage performance time (approximately 3-4 performances) along with putting together the costuming for each of the dances. What an exciting experience it was for each of us! Please look up our group on Facebook, Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance SA for more information of what we got up to! ()

We performed a flashmob at Melrose Arch, See here pics by Bronkhorst Photography for the pics
I am Tarryn Rego, I have been dancing since the age of 4, started learning Belly dancing at the Age of 11 with Phyllis Riebek. After a couple of years I briefly trained under Charlotte Blignaut and began performing professionally at the age of 14, and have been doing so ever since. I have also trained in Freestyle, Latin & Hip Hop, and am currently completing my Teachers qualifications in Tap & Modern Dancing. I started teaching Belly Dance at Diana Moore Dance World (DMDW) a few years ago where over the years I was able to develop a group of lovely, dynamic, talented ladies that perform belly dancing professionally. By day, I also work as a chemical engineer, but my true love and passion remains dance! In order to supplement the size of the team from my Hizi-Hizi Belly Dance students that could partake, I then approached a variety of Professional Belly Dancers in and around Johannesburg to form part of the team, with the following members resulting:

  • Tarryn Rego

    Tarryn had first started dancing at the age of 4, Dance forms including Tap, Modern, Latin, Freestyle and Hip hop and Belly Dancing. Tarryn has been a professional Belly dancer since 1999, becoming internationally renowned, having the pleasure of performing for various people,... MORE >

  • Julia Scafides

    Julia started ballet at the age of 3 (1991) with the encouragement of her mother. She started freestyle at the age of 14 (2002) and belly dancing at the age of 17 (2005).... MORE >

  • Nataley van Rooyen

    Age 4 (1999) @ Diana Moore dance world Freestyle / Hip Hop /Rock and Roll Age 9 (2004) @ Diana Moore – Belly dancing: Teacher Tarryn Rego ... MORE >

  • Melissa Joubert

    Since a little girl I have loved dancing and started Ballet before I even started school. I took Dance Studies at school and attended classes for almost every dance form before finding my passion and niche in Belly dancing... MORE >

  • Cherri Bock

    I first saw belly dancing in CPT when a friend in high school performed a drum solo at one of our fund raisers in grade 11....I had no idea what she was doing or that she could even do it!!!!! ... MORE >

  • Roxanne Mather

    I started in 2007 at Diana Moore Dance World, Lambton, Germiston, Johannesburg. Training by Tarryn Rego – Professional Performer and Teacher in Middle Eastern Dance. ... MORE >

  • Ioanna Piagalis

    I started taking dance lessons when I was about 7 years old. I first did ballet with Rosemary Gallaghar for 3 years and then made a transition to Modern Dancing. ... MORE >

  • Mararita Andreou

    My love for dancing has been all my life. As like most Mothers my mom wanted me to be a little ballerina, so I started ballet at the age of four. I soon traded my ballet shoes for the clickety- click of tap shoes along with shinny modern dancing outfits. ... MORE >

  • Keshia Kranjcec

    I started dancing at the age of 4. I did classical and modern indian dancing. At the age of 10 I started belly dancing. I trained classical and modern Indian dance with the Leona Dean Dance Academy. I joined DMDW 2 years ago to join Tarryn’s belly dance class. ... MORE >